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Interviewing Our Summer Interns
Interviewing Our Summer Interns
Daniel Forrester, CEO
By Daniel Forrester, CEO
July 12, 2016
This summer, we welcomed two analyst interns to the THRUUE Crew: Hasia White and Joshua Blatt, both recent graduates of the University of Richmond.

Hasia White and Joshua Blatt - THRUUE Summer 2016 Interns
Joshua Blatt and Hasia White - THRUUE Summer 2016 Interns

What it’s like to work for THRUUE: Insights from the Summer Interns

This summer, we welcomed two analyst interns to the THRUUE Crew: Hasia White and Joshua Blatt, both recent graduates of the University of Richmond. Hasia graduated with a BA in international studies and geography. Joshua graduated with a BA in Leadership Studies and PPEL (Politics, Philosophy, Economics, and Law). Hasia and Josh were tasked with helping to create client-facing deliverables, conducting independent business development research, and working with Daniel and the leadership team on a 5-year THRUUE Vision Document. As Hasia and Josh enter their final two weeks, I sat down with them and asked them to share a few reflections on their internship experience:  

Why did you choose to intern with THRUUE?

Hasia: I researched THRUUE pretty heavily before I applied, and everything I found was so positive. They struck me as a ‘small but mighty’ firm. It was obvious to me that THRUUE’s work was significant, but what set them apart in my mind was the way in which they do their work. I saw a firm that truly lives out its core values; THRUUE seemed like a very genuine company. As I near the end of my 2 months with them, I know my first impressions of THRUUE were absolutely correct. Josh: I looked through a good deal of the website before applying, checking out what THRUUE does, how they do it, what their core values are, and what people have had to say about them. My conclusions from all of this can be summed up simply: “These people care, and they’re working hard to help organizations that also care.”  

What does a typical day look like?

Hasia: One of things I’ve loved about my experience is that I can’t really tell you how a typical day looks. I work on a variety of projects, and my days reflect that variety. Josh: Each day starts with a cup of coffee and an open mind, and I just see where it goes from there.  

How would you describe THRUUE's culture?

Hasia: In a word, THRUUE’s culture is fantastic. I felt like I was immediately a part of the team. An aspect of their culture that I will carry far into my career is their readiness to give and hear feedback. THRUUE constantly evolves into a better form of itself and a large part of that is because everyone takes feedback seriously. Josh: It’s deliberate, but still genuine. Everyone here understands organizational culture very well – they need to in order to effectively help clients with theirs. So THRUUE can’t help but be mindful about their own culture and how it affects what they do for their clients. There is so much reflective time in the day, and not in an idle way. Reflection—one of THRUUE’s core values—is naturally built into everyone’s day through scheduled group thought sessions and unscheduled feedback, all focused on constant betterment.  

What is the most important thing you have learned?

Hasia: I’ve learned so much that it’s difficult to answer ‘what’s the most important.’ My favorite thing that I’ve learned is how business and social impact can be brought together in powerful, meaningful ways. Josh: The most important thing I’ve learned is about open communication. If you’re unclear about something, just ask. If something hasn’t gotten done, just bring it up politely and hold people accountable. Confirm what you’ve heard, so that everyone is on the same page.  

How do you think this experience will impact your future career path?

Hasia: I now have high standards for what I want in a company culture. THRUUE definitely spoiled me in that regard. Josh: I’ll be looking at companies more holistically than I would have otherwise. I got an aerial view of THRUUE, in that I was invited to see everything going into the company, everything it does, and everything it produces. I understand how the organization works and what each person does to keep it running smoothly. I likely won’t be afforded such opportunities when I start at other places, but this experience has taught me that I must endeavor not to insulate myself in my position. Instead, I will work to understand my place in an organization and how my work contributes to the whole, and will try to take a wide view of what’s going on in the company.