What is Strategy?

Simply put, strategy is “the choices an organization makes to win and have the most impact.”
It tells your employees what matters most and what they should focus on.

What We Do

  • Inspire leaders to think big and answer the existential questions facing your organization
  • Design and lead strategic board retreats
  • Facilitate strategic planning and strategy creation among senior leaders and the board
  • Evaluate market sizing and customer segmentation
  • Design major convening moments to engage employees in owning the strategy
  • Convene empowered task forces to answer strategic questions facing your organization
  • Cultivate trust and collaborative relationships between the board, committees, and staff as strategy pivots to operations
  • Establish a common understanding of metrics and social impact
  • Support CEO transitions
  • Foster necessary cultural and behavioral shifts of the board
  • Advise on board governance and organizational restructuring

What We Provide

Strategic Plans
Business Cases
Strategic Communications
Transformation Roadmaps
Strategic Plans
A deliberate strategic planning process brings clarity, alignment, and laser-focus on what leaders want to make happen and how to measure success
Business Cases
A deep dive into data that drives an organization, e.g. revenue streams and costs, help boards and leadership teams justify strategic investments
Strategic Communications
Powerful communication programs built to cascade the strategy to every employee in the organization
Transformation Roadmaps
Thoughtfully designed and sequenced strategies and investments to transform your organization so that you can better serve customers, digitize, merge, or simply remain relevant