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CEO Coaching

Whether you are a first-time CEO or are coming into the role from a different company, having a plan increases the likelihood of a successful transition. THRUUE’s tailored “CEO Coaching” offering is carefully constructed to enhance your transition and prepare you to achieve your vision as CEO.

What We Provide

THRUUE’s CEO Success Planning is delivered in two phases:

  1. THRUUE’s "CEO Success Inventory” is an evaluation of the CEO’s perceived and actual competencies in critical roles that CEOs must fill
  2. THRUUE's "CEO Success Plan & Execution" is a 12-month personal development program that increases the probability of your success as CEO

Phase 1 - CEO Success Inventory

This inventory is based on THRUUE’s 7 roles of successful CEOs model:

THRUUE's 7 Roles of Successful CEOs


Phase 2 - CEO Success Plan & Execution

THRUUE’s "CEO Success Plan & Execution" is rolled out in two facets:

  • Development of clear understanding for short and longer-term needs as CEO through intensive in-person meetings and frequent communication with THRUUE employees
  • Evaluating success of growth and performance against original program objectives

Program Lead

James E. Williams, Jr.

James E. Williams, Jr., CEO in Residence, EVP at THRUUE
Jim served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Easter Seals, Inc. for over 20 years. During his tenure, the organization grew into a multi-billion dollar enterprise with operations throughout the United States and with partner organizations in Canada, Australia, and Mexico. During that time, Jim coached many non-profit executives as they entered leadership roles. Additionally, he served and chaired numerous boards at organizations such as the National Health Council, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, and the National Alliance for Hispanic Health while also serving as an advisor to for-profit companies such as Pfizer and Posit Science in the pharmaceutical and technology fields. In addition to Jim, specialists in governance, strategic planning, finance, and culture will supplement the program.