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THRUUE helps leaders set strategy and shift culture to drive growth

Set Strategy + Shift CultureSet Strategy + Shift Culture
What to Expect in a Workshop

At THRUUE, workshops are more than an opportunity for us to share our expertise – workshops are about working with you to find the solution. We facilitate a range of meetings and critical discussions, from helping your board define your organization's mission and vision to helping your leadership team develop a strategic plan.

Our role is to:

Meet the objectives

Meet the objectives
of any session

Push thinking

Push thinking
of participants

Share our insights

Share our insights
as experts

Tools we can use to enhance the session:

Quantified Data and analysis
Quantified data and analysis on your organization’s current culture
Input from all stakeholders
Input from all stakeholders to inform key questions and session dialogue
Identify needs of diffferent groups
Clearly defined needs of different groups that must be considered throughout the process
Data to enable a rich debate
Data to enable a rich debate around why your organization must adopt a new strategic direction
Storyboarding for use in agenda creation and presentation design
Pre-session run throughs
Pre-session run throughs with all facilitators to ensure smooth session
Subject matter expertise
Subject matter expertise that expands thinking of your participants beyond their normal lens

Most workshops contain the following components:

  • Purpose & Objectives
  • Agenda
  • Roles
  • Ground Rules
  • Education
  • Breakouts/Activities
  • Debriefs
  • Feedback
  • Intermittent Breaks