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Susan Bratton, Founder and CEO of Savor Health

Susan Bratton

Susan Bratton is the Founder and CEO of Savor Health, a start-up that harnesses the power of data and algorithms to provide an unprecedented service of personalization of nutrition for those dealing with multiple types of cancer. By leveraging data science, expert knowledge, and scientific literature, Savor Health delivers prescriptive nutrition interventions to cancer patients, helping them on their road to recovery.

In this episode of The Culture Gap, Susan talks about her upbringing and past life in Corporate America that led her down the path of starting Savor Health. She shares more about the challenges she faced in getting funding for her enterprise, the team she has built to make this company a reality and the critical role of artificial intelligence in her business model. Susan has some insightful takeaways from her time as CEO of a startup, and how industry trends are shaping the future of her business. Welcome to The Culture Gap.

Key Takeaways

[:44] Daniel introduces his guest for this episode — Susan Bratton.

[1:21] Who is Susan?

[2:14] What are some of the values that shaped how Susan sees the world?

[5:35] How did Susan decide to start Savor Health?

[10:38] How did Susan get the funding to kickstart her idea?

[15:25] What does Susan’s team look like now?

[18:25] How is Savor Health using AI in the business?

[23:17] What is the business model for Savor Health?

[29:24] There are a lot of moving parts to Susan’s business. She explains some of the trends in the industry that are having an impact on it.

[34:08] What is Susan’s advice to other CEOs who want to have the type of thinking, culture, and strategy that she has synthesized in her company?

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