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Tracey Brown, CEO of the American Diabetes Association (Part 1 of 2)

Tracey Brown

Tracey Brown is the CEO of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and a dynamic and transformative leader. Prior to her current role at the ADA, Tracey was working with Sam's Club and Walmart and made some significant strides during her tenure there. Today, she is changing lives and impacting others with her work at the ADA.

In the first of this two-part episode of The Culture Gap, Tracey shares a little about her childhood and how her parents shaped her value system from a young age, including her thoughts around what it means to be a leader. She also shares insights about what it takes to grow a membership model business like Sam's Club and highlights some of the key principles of Walmart that are often overlooked but that influenced her decision-making process to join the ADA. Purpose, passion, and position have aligned for Tracey who continues to shine her light in the world and change the lives of others. Welcome to The Culture Gap.

Key Takeaways

[:41] Daniel introduces his guest for this episode — Tracey Brown.

[1:33] Who is Tracey Brown?

[2:53] What are some core values that shaped Tracey as a child?

[6:34] Who is the first person Tracey thinks of when she thinks of a leader, and why?

[9:23] What was Tracey’s time working at Walmart like? Tracey explains more about the concept of membership and how it played out at Sam’s Club.

[17:39] Tracey shares how she moved from working with Walmart to joining the American Diabetes Association.

[24:28] Tracey and Daniel discuss some of the social good that is done by Walmart and its subsidiaries, and how that influenced Tracey’s decision-making process.

[26:42] Purpose, passion, and position have aligned for Tracey to do great work in the American Diabetes Association.

[27:19] Tracey relates a life-changing moment with her daughter and how she turned her life around from that point.

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