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Adrienne Penta, Executive Director at Brown Brothers Harriman

Adrienne Penta

Adrienne Penta is the Executive Director for the 200-year-old company and oldest private bank on Wall Street, Brown Brothers Harriman and their Center for Women and Wealth. A lawyer by training, Adrienne joined Brown Brothers in 2008, and in 2014, spearheaded the launch of the Center for Women & Wealth, dedicated to serving women and the wealth that they control.

In this episode of The Culture Gap, Adrienne and Daniel dive deep into the topic of values, values-based investing, and why this is becoming more and more important as more women enter the industry of wealth management as clients. Adrienne reveals some of the key trends in the wealth management space that are bringing women to the forefront of the discussion, and also why inclusiveness and diversity are the way forward. Tune in to find out where the culture gaps exist in an industry that is valued at over $40 trillion. Welcome to The Culture Gap.

Key Takeaways

[:42] Daniel introduces his guest for this episode — Adrienne Penta.

[1:28] Who is Adrienne, and what are the values that have shaped her as a person?

[4:39] Adrienne shares a little about Brown Brothers Harriman, its history, and how she ended up there.

[6:04] The wealth management industry is transforming, as is every other industry. Adrienne explains more about the industry and the trends within the customer base right now.

[9:34] Adrienne stresses the importance of thinking in a more inclusive way and being more deliberate about how they serve clients to create a trusted adviser relationship.

[10:55] How does Adrienne approach the idea of influencing and cultivating the supply chain of future leaders that represents that client base of the future?

[16:13] What is the Center for Women & Wealth, and who is its target audience?

[22:16] How did Adrienne make the case for change in Brown Brothers Harriman around topics like diversity and inclusion?

[26:01] How has the Center for Women & Wealth intersected with the Me Too movement?

[29:37] What have been some of the most eye-opening insights Adrienne has had from running the Center for Women & Wealth?

[32:30] What does Adrienne anticipate and predict for the future of the wealth management industry?

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