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David Mead, Igniter at Start With Why (Part 2 of 2)

David Mead

David Mead is an Igniter with and is tied to one of the great minds of our time in the world of culture, purpose, mission — Simon Sinek and his company. David is globally recognized as the How guy to Simon’s Why, and co-authored Find Your Why. He also has years of practical experience working with organizations in different roles and uses this expertise in his current position to help other companies discover and articulate their 'why.'

In the second of this two-part episode of The Culture Gap, David and Daniel expand the conversation beyond just the purpose and why of an organization. David puts culture into context, relating it to vision and values, and explains why the CEO plays a critical role in driving that vision. David also makes the case for culture change driven by the CEO and shares his thoughts on how people across different generations and countries value purpose. Tune in also for a sneak peek into Simon Sinek’s new book, The Infinite Game. Welcome to The Culture Gap.

Key Takeaways

[:44] Daniel introduces his guest for this episode — David Mead.

[1:35] What is the difference between a ‘why’ and a vision?

[3:26] David shares the distinction between purpose and vision with the example of his company, Start with Why.

[4:57] It can be very difficult for people to make the leap from mission to vision in a single day. What are David’s thoughts on this, and what is the role of the CEO in driving that vision?

[8:20] What are some of the surprising things that David has been asked by audiences around the world at his speaking events?

[10:18] David and Daniel discuss how they deal with public dissent or differing opinions that they’re afraid to bring up in front of the group.

[12:55] How would David make the case for culture change driven by the CEO?

[16:54] What is special about the Millennial generation, and how are Millennials and the next generation after them pushing for these ideas of purpose and vision?

[19:32] Simon Sinek is releasing a new book soon — The Infinite Game. David gives us a short preview of the book and its message.

[23:31] What advice would David give his younger self?

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