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David Mead, Igniter at Start With Why (Part 1 of 2)

David Mead

David Mead is an Igniter with and is tied to one of the great minds of our time in the world of culture, purpose, mission — Simon Sinek and his company. David is globally recognized as the How guy to Simon’s Why, and co-authored Find Your Why. He also has years of practical experience working with organizations in different roles and uses this expertise in his current position to help other companies discover and articulate their 'why.'

In the first of this two-part episode of The Culture Gap, David and Daniel discuss David’s core values that shape him and why his experiences in business school led him to the conclusion that what was being taught was contributing to poor leadership. David also elaborates on how his partnership with Simon Sinek began and blossomed. They discuss why purpose matters, why culture matters, and why it’s so difficult for individuals and organizations to understand and articulate their ‘Why,’ so be sure to tune in. Welcome to The Culture Gap.

Key Takeaways

[:44] Daniel introduces his guest for this episode — David Mead.

[1:32] Who is David Mead?

[2:29] What are some of David's core values that he has held from his earliest days that shape him as a leader? How did he come upon these values?

[4:02] What was David being taught at business school that was contributing to poor leadership?

[6:39] What happened to David the day that he was in the audience and heard Simon Sinek speak? What happened for Simon that moved him to approach David?

[9:32] Why does ‘the why’ matter?

[12:31] Why is it so difficult for people and organizations to understand and articulate their ‘why’?

[14:52] David shares an example to illustrate why it's so difficult to articulate ‘why.’

[17:25] Daniel and David discuss the example of the mission statement of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

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