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Jillian Grennan, Assistant Professor of Finance, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University (Part 1 of 2)

Jillian Grennan

Jillian Grennan is an academic with a specialty in corporate finance and she teaches at the Fuqua School of Business at the Duke University. She has produced some incredible work about looking at and measuring corporate culture without even being inside the firm. She has done a lot of research on culture to try and understand the value added by culture for firms and also has a strong corporate background that lends itself to her areas of expertise.

In this episode of The Culture Gap — the first of two episodes featuring Jillian — she shares more about why she approaches culture from the CFO’s perspective, rather than the CEO’s perspective. She also has some insights into how economics and mathematics contribute to culture and culture measurement, and about economics as a driving force in corporate culture. Jillian also discusses the topic of culture risk and the role of technology in shaping and driving culture in companies today. Welcome to The Culture Gap.

Key Takeaways

[:43] Daniel introduces his guest for this episode — Jillian Grennan.

[1:29] Who is Jillian?

[2:20] Jillian approaches culture from the CFO’s perspective, not the CEO’s perspective. Why is that?

[4:09] What are some of Jillian’s personal values and how has her upbringing and background shaped them?

[5:57] Why did Jillian choose economics and mathematics as her areas of study?

[8:21] What is Jillian’s definition of corporate culture? What does it take for a person joining a new organization to fit in?

[10:09] What is Jillian’s perspective about the levers of economics in driving corporate culture?

[13:03] The topic of culture risk is very pertinent today.

[16:55] A company’s culture is live on the internet right now. How much faith does Jillian have in data sets presented on the internet about companies?

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