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Carly Fiorina, American Businesswoman and Political Figure (Part 1 of 2)

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina is an American businesswoman and political figure known most commonly for her time as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard and her presidential run in 2016. She started out as a secretary and during the course of her long and illustrious career, worked her way up to become a Chief Executive of the largest technology company in the world. She has run for President, has run charities, and is a mother, author, and leader on many different fronts.

In this episode of The Culture Gap, the first of two episodes featuring Carly, she reflects on the lessons she has learned from life and career. Carly discusses what it means to be a leader and her key takeaways from her time before and during her tenure at HP. She also has valuable advice for leaders seeking to engage in dialogue with their team, and challenge the culture and status quo in an organization, as well as how to deal with fear and criticism as a leader. Welcome to The Culture Gap.

Key Takeaways

[:43] Daniel introduces his guest for this episode — Carly Fiorina.

[1:18] Who is Carly Fiorina?

[1:53] What are Carly's core values and how did those values come to her?

[3:35] What is Carly's definition of leadership? What is a leader?

[4:00] What are some of the most important lessons Carly learned as a rising businesswoman prior to her time at HP?

[8:22] What was Carly's mental mindset about how she was going to lean in and discover how best to lead, in her first 90 days at HP?

[11:17] Carly shares a critical experience when she came into HP.

[13:29] Did Carly have ground rules for running her leadership team, for engaging in dialogue and conversation to ensure groupthink is avoided?

[15:44] What is Carly's advice to CEOs now who are dealing with disruptions? How can they challenge a culture, but also be respectful of its history?

[20:59] Carly has some insights about criticisms she faced during her time at HP.

[22:46] How does Carly manage fear in her career?

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