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Colonel David Sutherland, Former Military Leader and Founder of Sutherland Partnership

Colonel David Sutherland

Colonel David Sutherland served 30 years in the U.S. Army and retired in 2012. He is passionate about the veterans, military families, and families of the fallen. He is also the President and Founder of the Sutherland Partnership, an organization dedicated to developing leaders, values, and culture within other corporations and organizations.

In this episode of The Culture Gap, Col. Sutherland reflects on over 30 years of either preparing for or being at war, in some of the most difficult circumstances. He shares his insights about the gaps that he has seen closed in strategy and culture from his time in the military and what he’s learning from being in boardrooms and working with CEOs around the country. He also reminds us of the sacrifices that men and women in the military made for our country, and the challenges they face reintegrating into society. Welcome to The Culture Gap.

Key Takeaways

[:45] Daniel introduces his guest for this episode — Colonel David Sutherland.

[1:45] Who is Col. David Sutherland?

[2:26] Why did Col. Sutherland choose a career in the military?

[3:45] Why did the U.S. Army choose to tackle the issues of what leadership, ethical leadership and values-based leadership meant at the time that it did? Col. Sutherland shares some insights.

[11:43] What was going through Col. Sutherland’s mind on the day of 9/11? Could he have imagined where we would be today, so many years after that day?

[16:18] Col. Sutherland talks about how, in war, values come alive and stay alive, in the face of unfathomable conditions and immense fear. How does this apply to leaders in corporations and organizations?

[20:29] What do commercial executives and leaders gravitate to the most, of what Col. Sutherland has learned about strategy and culture in the military?

[23:07] What is Col. Sutherland’s advice to leaders and C-suite teams who choose a set of core values, to ensure that the gap is closed, and values do not remain as a plaque on the wall?

[28:56] Col. Sutherland has been working on closing the gap at a society level on two fronts — between general society and the men and women who serve in uniform, and the disconnect that soldiers returning from the battlefield experience when reintegrating into society. What are the consequences if these gaps are not closed?

[36:33] What do C-suite leaders need to know about embracing veterans into the ranks of C-suites as fast as possible?

[40:15] What advice would Col. Sutherland give to his younger self?

[42:04] What would Col. Sutherland want his grandchildren or future generations to know about war and peace?

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