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Tom Lynch, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, TE Connectivity

Tom Lynch

Tom Lynch is the current Executive Chairman of the Board of TE Connectivity, a publicly-traded technology company that designs and manufactures electronic and connectivity products used in a variety of industries. Tom has spent many years in business, serving as CEO of TE Connectivity from 2006 to 2017, and subsequently took on the role as Chairman of the Board at TE as well.

In this episode of The Culture Gap, Tom reflects on an incredible career as CEO, from building leadership teams to his time as chairman of the board and the future of governance. He discusses the role of transparency, openness, and building trust in the success of a company, as well as what it takes to design a strategy, and to close the gap until every single leader globally knows and lives the strategy. He also shares some insights about making successful acquisitions and the importance of taking the long view of strategy. Welcome to The Culture Gap.

Key Takeaways

[:41] Daniel introduces his guest for this episode — Tom Lynch.

[1:10] Who is Tom?

[2:00] Every leader is shaped by the values they grow up with. What are some of Tom’s personal values that have influenced his career?

[3:45] When Tom was building his leadership team, what is the mental mindset he had? How does a CEO go about building his or her leadership team?

[6:45] What is TE Connectivity? Where does it fit in the internet of things?

[9:15] What does strategy mean to Tom? How was he able to align his leadership team with his strategy?

[11:22] Tom took TE from a spinoff to a $13 billion global leader in the market, and TE now has operations across the globe. How did he create a strategy for his future state on a global scale?

[17:35] Tom shares how important it is for leaders to communicate with and involve everyone in the organization in the strategy and goals of the company, as well as how their efforts contribute back to the
overarching strategy.

[20:57] Every leader tries to do the right thing, but mistakes are always inevitable. What has Tom learned about making mistakes in his tenure?

[24:21] How does Tom think about acquisition inside a global company like TE? What are some of his insights on making acquisitions that work?

[27:29] What have been the biggest differences between when Tom was the CEO and now, when he is a board member?

[30:59] What are the questions that elicit the most dialogue from a leader and a leadership team? How does Tom invite conversation as a board member?

[34:37] In the face of constant change in organizations and environments, what needs to change about boards and governance? Where do boards need to go to keep up with the changing times?

[38:09] What are some things Tom has learned throughout his career? What advice would he give his younger self?

[41:31] What is Tom’s advice for the younger generation who may be considering a career in business?

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