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COVID-19 has profoundly altered the strategy, vision, operations and future for nearly every corporation in one way or another. Regardless of when the crisis abates, its effects will be felt from the boardroom to the factory floor for many years to come. How will things change, and how can today’s leaders — and those poised to lead in the future — give their companies an edge or stave off collapse? What positive norms, values and behaviors have emerged? Will these changes persist over time?

To answer such questions, THRUUE recently surveyed a global panel of leadership and culture experts comprising corporate culture icons, CEOs of for- and not-for-profit entities, military and government leaders, academics, and authors and to distill their insights about what may be in store for corporate culture in the coming months and years.

Contributors to the Study
Edgar Schein
Leaders must show that with complex, messy, systemic, interconnected problems like responding to the Corona virus or the next pandemic, collaboration must escalate as a central value in producing new, better and innovative adaptations.

Edgar Schein: Author, “Humble Inquiry” and Professor Emeritus of the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management

Download the Report
Download the Report