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THRUUE helps leaders set strategy and shift culture to drive growth

Set Strategy + Shift CultureSet Strategy + Shift Culture


Set Strategy + Shift CultureOur clients have on average increased their compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 9.47% after engaging with us to set strategy and shift culture.

Increased Revenue | Delighted Customers | Expanded Impact | Strengthened Culture
Corporate culture after covid-19
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THRUUE surveyed a global panel of organizational leaders and culture experts and distilled their insights about what is in store for corporate culture. Learn how the Covid-19 pandemic necessitates a new social contract between employer and employees
Corporate culture after covid-19
THRUUE recently surveyed a global panel of leadership and culture experts to distill their insights about what may be in store for corporate culture in the coming months and years. Learn More Learn More
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What to Expect in One of Our Workshops

Curious about what a workshop or meeting facilitated by THRUUE entails? You can learn more here about the experience.

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Closing the Culture Gap


1November 2015 study conducted by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in partnership with CFO Magazine and COLE, the Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics.

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight
Employee Spotlight

Nick Jivasantikarn


How does curiosity help in times of change?
Seizing opportunities presented by change and uncertainty requires curiosity to set up imaginative and innovative choices for the path forward.

What’s the most impactful lesson you learned from a client? 
Tapping into authentic purpose can yield amazing results at the individual, organizational, and societal levels.

What are you doing to stay sane and productive while working from home?
Creating a dedicated space for work, and making sure to eat well, exercise, and connect with loved ones.

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Inc. features THRUUE study on Corporate Culture After COVID-19

Inc. features THRUUE study on Corporate Culture After COVID-19

A survey of global leaders shows paths for the future of work and the necessity to re-negotiate the social contract between employers and employees.

ASAE Selects THRUUE Inc. as Strategic Planning Consultant

ASAE Selects THRUUE Inc. as Strategic Planning Consultant

WASHINGTON - With the full participation of the ASAE and ASAE Research Foundation Board of Directors, ASAE launched a strategic planning process on March 20. The meeting was conducted by THRUUE Inc., the firm chosen to facilitate the organization’s strategic planning process. THRUUE Inc. was chosen from a field of six finalists who submitted proposals to…

Strategy & Culture Defined:

Strategy & Culture Defined: "THRUUE Point of View" Video Series Launches

THRUUE is pleased to share our first in a series of Point of View (POV) videos. In just three minutes, you will discover the main ideas that underpin both strategy, culture, and how the two can work to support or undermine one another.

Culture, Strategy, and Harvard Business Review

Culture, Strategy, and Harvard Business Review

This past April, Harvard Business Review published “Culture is Not the Culprit” as its cover story. The article was intended, according to its editors, “to encourage business leaders to think about culture with the same rigor and concreteness that they apply to business processes and goals.” I love that rigor — — we apply it every day at THRUUE.

Culture Really Does Eat Strategy for Breakfast

Culture Really Does Eat Strategy for Breakfast

Time and time again, I have had the opportunity to observe how organizations operate, viewing firsthand high-performing cultures where extraordinary things are accomplished on a daily basis. These are places where people are aligned and unified through unique social contracts.

The Core Values Built Into the Machines Shaping Our Future

The Core Values Built Into the Machines Shaping Our Future

In 1950, Alan Turing posed a question that put the field of computer science on a new trajectory: can machines think?